585 Squadron Newsletter
February 2019


Well this certainly has been a memorable last few weeks with regards to the weather!!

So let’s start with past events. The band thoroughly enjoyed the clinic at Connaught. Many
techniques were learned, and playing together with other squadrons and corps from the
surrounding area was quite an experience. Thanks to Ms Yuschyshyn for participating in the
clinic with me.

Congratulations to FCpl Stringel and FSgt Baillon for their wins in the Biathlon Competition in
Sault Ste Marie. Thank you to Captain Cordy and FSgt Marsh for escorting and coaching the

Cadets have been inputted for summer camps, and we’re awaiting confirmation for

March is a fun month with our March Break Trip, and Mess Dinner at the end of the month.

It is very important that you follow the schedule posted on our 585 Sqn site, Facebook Page,
and the letters sent home. Attendance is most beneficial as we require your presence for up-
coming events. Also, we are now working towards our Annual Parade on May 26 th . This is a
mandatory parade which will be fun and most rewarding to you, and your family.

Captain P Irish
Commanding Officer


Last month, I thanked the volunteers that help the Squadron and Cadets achieve their potential. Unfortunately, I forgot to mention someone who is present week in and week out and has been for years. Perhaps, I forgot that Maj. (Ret’d) Doug Irish was now a volunteer and no longer a member of the military staff. My sincere apologies to Doug for leaving him off my list!

If your son or daughter is leaving the Squadron this year and heading for post-secondary education, make sure you check out the Scholarship portion of the newsletter below. There are some significant awards available for the cadet who is willing to do the paperwork and extra work.

If you are a parent who would like to get more involved in your child’s cadet experience, we will soon be seeking volunteers for the SSC. A few members will be “graduating” with their cadet and will leave a vacancy (and big shoes) to fill. Check out the roles and responsibilities of the SSC on our Website and reach me through the Website Contact form, if you’re interested.

Marc Baillon
Chair 585 SSC


Regular Training – Wednesday’s – 18:00 to 21:00 hrs at 443 Wing, unless noted below.
Band –  Monday’s – 18:30 to 20:30 at 443 Wing.
Activity Night:  Friday’s – 18:30 to 20:30 hrs at St Francis De Sales Separate School, 4 Ross St., Smiths Falls
Range – Sunday’s – 09:00 to 13:00 hrs at 443 Wing

MARCH 2019

  • 6 Mar – CO’s Parade – Duncan J. Schoular
  • 14 Mar – March Break Trip
  • 27 Mar – Mess Dinner – Smiths Falls Legion

SAVE THE DATE – UPDATED! Please review carefully. Details to be confirmed.

  • 6 Apr – Effective Speaking Competition
  • 13 Apr – Exertion Competition
  • 4 May – Tag Day – Mandatory Participation
  • 15 May – CO’s Parade – Youth Arena
  • 22 May – ACR Practice – Youth Arena
  • 25 May – Gliding – Brockville
  • 26 May – ACR – Youth Arena
  • May 31 & Jun 1 – Spring FTX – Connaught – All eight area Air Cadet Sqns to participate
  • Jun 2 – Fly in Breakfast – Smiths Falls Airport
  • Jun 7 to 9 – Year End Trip


Sept-Dec 2018

Congratulations to the draw winners!!

Three books remain outstanding. Please return your books, sold or unsold, as soon as possible.

Don’t forget that proceeds from this Lottery are used to maintain the 24 gliders and 10 tow planes used for Cadet Glider training and familiarization and to support the special provincial events & programs for Ontario squadrons. Approximately 60% of the proceeds come back to us to fund the 585 Sqn training program for 2017-2018.

For our local lottery campaign to be a success, we require the cooperation and attentive efforts of our cadets and their parents. A critical aspect of the campaign is the safeguarding and accountability of the monies and tickets as well as their timely return. The books of tickets assigned to the Squadron are a liability to the Squadron whether they are sold or not. Which means that the Squadron pays for lost books of tickets, money that could be better spent on trips or training. As part of the campaign, each cadet and family is asked to sell at least one book of tickets (12 tickets) with total value of $60.


Interested in joining the SSC? The majority of the SSC members are parents of our cadets. If you have skills (accounting, fundraising, public relations, website, administrative, or secretarial) you think might be useful to the SSC or simply want to assist in any way possible, please contact one of our SSC members.

Read more about the Role of the SSC on the Squadron website.

2018-2019 Squadron Sponsoring Committee

Chair – Marc Baillon
Treasurer – Lynn Marsh
Secretary/Newsletter – Karen Bernique
Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 95 Liaison – Keith Anderson
Lottery Tickets – Tracy Ireton
Awards/Scholarships Director – Tara Johnston
Band Director – Cynthia Yuschyshyn
Member – Andrew Vignuzzi
Member – Carolyn Piche

Role of the SSC

The SSC provides direct support to squadron operations; manages all squadron finances and fundraising activities; promotes honors, awards and trophies – special recognition; provides cadet recreational programs; acts as representative of parents; public relations with the community at large; and arranges annual special events such as mess dinners and the annual ceremonial review. The committee funds make possible supplemental optional activities and programs such as citizenship trips, recreational trips or other training events not funded by DND.

585 Rideau Squadron’s Sponsor is 443 (Rideau) Wing Royal Canadian Air Force Association (RCAFA). They generously host Squadron Headquarters (HQ) for weekly cadet training and on weekends as required, enabling the Squadron to carry out its training objectives. 433 Wing also provides the Squadron an annual monetary grant.


Many scholarship opportunities are available from the Air Cadet League and The Ontario Command of The Royal Canadian Legion. Check out the following links to determine if you are eligible.

1) The Air Cadet League of Canada is pleased to announce 8 NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS:

  • Birchall Scholarship
  • Dale Scholarship
  • Young Citizens Foundation Scholarship
  • Alex Venables Scholarship in Engineering
  • Air Cadet League of Canada Foundation Scholarship (2 available)
  • The Jazz Aviation Pathway Award for Professionalism
  • The Jazz Aviation Pathway Award for Professionalism and Diversity

The links below will provide more information about this great opportunity available to deserving  Air Cadets.

ACL National Scholarship Criteria and Application Form

Example of a Completed Application Form and Supporting Documents

Cadets who meet the criteria should submit complete National Education Scholarships documents in digital form (one PDF file),  no later than April 1st, 2019 to: leaguehq@aircadetleague.com.


2) The Ontario Command of The Royal Canadian Legion



  • Parade Night: Mandatory – Wednesdays *6:00 to 9:00 pm.* Dress: Uniform C2.  Location: 585 Training HQ – 44 Abbott Street, Smiths Falls.
  • Activity Night:  Starting 1 Feb. Optional. Dress: Civilian/Sports Clothing. St Francis De Sales Separate School, 4 Ross St., Smiths Falls
  • Band –  Every Monday evening from 18:30 to 20:30 at the Wing.
  • Range – Sunday’s starting Jan 27 – 443 Wing – 09:00 to 13:00 hrs


  • Absence Request: If a cadet is unable to attend training, they must notify 585 Squadron staff by completing the Absence notification contact form on the website OR calling 613-283-9990; otherwise, their non-attendance will be marked as an unexcused absence, which counts against the completion of their training.
  • Replacement Name Tags: If required see the Supply Officer.
  • Uniform: Any issues with your uniform please see Supply ASAP to have it corrected. It is the cadet’s responsibility, not the parents, to maintain the uniform.


Check the Squadron website at www.585aircadets.org.

All cadets are responsible to check the Squadron website at least once a week for messages. At a minimum, the website Training Calendar and front page messages should be checked on the day preceding any cadet activity for the latest updated information.


585 Squadron Newsletter – February 2019