Capt Buckley Photo
Capt H.R. Buckley CD

I want to personally welcome you and your family to the Canadian Cadet Movement, Canada’s premier youth organization.

As a former Air Cadet, I can tell you that the opportunities afforded to a cadet are endless. My experiences as an Air Cadet helped prepare me for my service in the Canadian Forces and Public Service. The diverse and experienced staff and volunteers of 585 Rideau Squadron will do their very best to ensure the success of every single cadet.

The transition from youth to cadet will add a new phase to your family dynamic. It will be fast-paced, exciting, a bit confusing, and a lot of fun. You will experience a new source of pride as you become part of a larger, nation-wide family. The Canadian Cadet Program is a youth lead program. It is our goal to prepare cadets, as they progress through their cadet career, to step into the role of leader, teacher and mentor. The abilities developed in this program will help form the foundation of a bright and successful future.

Our Recruit Handbook and Parent and Cadet Enrollment Information Guide will help you and your family through the first 2 years of your cadet life. In these booklets you will find information about our Squadron, how the program works, who pays for all of this, what all these acronyms mean, and how you can help the program further.

I look forward to working with you and your family. Please feel free to approach and engage our Squadron staff as well!

H.R. Buckley
Captain, CD
Commanding Officer
585 Rideau Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets