If you are unable to attend training, you must notify 585 Rideau Squadron staff by email (below) or by telephone at 613-283-9990; otherwise, your non-attendance will be marked as an unexcused absence, which counts against the completion of your training. See also Cancellations due to weather.

This form is also the best way to get information or assistance in time critical situation. This form is delivered to three members of the Squadron staff including the Commanding Officer and Deputy Commanding Officer. One of those people will respond as soon as they are able and either provide the information and assistance you need or arrange for contact with the appropriate office. However, bear in mind that squadron staff are not on 24/7 duty when the squadron is not engaged in an approved activity. For assistance with Summer Training issues you should start with the contacts provided in the joining instructions for the Summer Training Centre and notify the Squadron through this form so that we can be prepared to assist.