National Courses Preparatory Advice

Aviation Medicals

In mid-December Glider and Power Pilot scholarship candidates should find a Canadian Aviation Medical Examiners (CAME) in their area and book an appointment for a day no later than March 31st, 2017. Ask what the doctor charges for the examination and what acceptable forms of payment will be. Keep the receipt as the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) may reimburse the cost.

You can search for CAMEs at this Transport Canada website:

Due to aircraft size, the Glider and Power Pilot scholarship programs have height and weight restrictions:

Air Studies

Important note: Air studies instructional material has transitioned to using Google Classrooms. Cadets may obtain access by contacting the CO, Trg O or one of the instructors.

2017 National Flying Scholarship PIP

The Flying Scholarship Program Instructional Package (PIP) contains the information you’ll need to know for the national flying scholarship glider and power pilot examinations.


To use the PIP

  1. If you don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer, see View a presentation without PowerPoint.
  2. Download the National Flying Scholarship PIP 2017 (200 MB file) to your hard drive.
  3. Open the National Flying Scholarship PIP 2017 file folder.
  4. Double-click the START.ppsx file to open the PIP welcome screen.


DO NOT start clicking buttons immediately. Ensure you read the screen and then follow the instructions. This PIP was designed to be user friendly, but you must take your time at first until you are familiar with the package. It will require approximately 40 hours to complete the PIP. Take your time and don’t wait until the last minute to start it.

Good Luck!

Supplementary information

Additional Air Studies resources and practice tests

Local Study Quiz Set