The Effective Speaking competition is only a month away. We don’t have a coach, however any cadet who is interested in entering should let the Commanding Officer know by Friday. Either by coming to the office tonight, or by using the Absence Notification form.

Range Team Practice Saturday Jan 18, 8 AM to 11:30. Team selection has been made and posted to the bulletin board outside the training office.

Biathlon, at this point depends on snow. If all the snow we’re supposed to get tonight and over the weekend comes through we should be good for next weekend.

Cadets wishing to apply for staff positions, must be 16 years of age by the first day of employment which could be June 28 or 29, see Mr. Irish to get your applications into Fortress. Please be prepared with your desired duties when you see him. Closing date for applications is Jan 31. The last Wednesday is Jan 29.

National course interviews for IACE, PPS and GPS has tentatively been rescheduled to Feb 2nd from Feb 1st. If you are applying for one of these courses and either of these days are unavailable ensure the CO has been informed.

There is the possibility of job action by teachers. We don’t know if this will have an effect on our ability to use Duncan J. School. However, be vigilant in checking the calendar on CO parade nights to know for sure where we are parading.

The Level 1 cadets have been building paper model airplanes. For those interested in taking this to the next level there is a site that has many models. There is usually a model of the day you can download and print.

Announcements January 15, 2020