This is your invitation to the 585 Rideau Squadron Virtual Annual Cadet Review which will take place at 1 PM Sunday June 21, 2020. The meeting will be open at 12:30 PM, we ask all cadets, parents, guardians and guests be logged in prior to 12:45 PM. We are expanding the number of connections supported by our Zoom account so we should be able to accommodate extended families; however we will need to prioritize participants and immediate family. We will also try to record the event for later viewing.

This has been a time of uncertainty. Many people have been faced with changes to their schedules and duties. We have selected the date to try to eliminate as many of the scheduling conflicts as we could. We hope that most if not all extended 585 “family” will be able to attend. The Annual Review, like all events during the stand is voluntary. Headquarters has authorized cadets and CIC/COATS members to wear uniform for this occasion. Cadet dress will be C1A (Ceremonial). Dress for CAF members is 1A.

This event will necessarily be quite different from previous Annual Reviews. Still, it is important to mark the end of the training year and celebrate our individual and collective achievements. There won’t be any marching, or inspections. We will still have promotions, and awards announcements, and addresses from the Reviewing Officer, the Squadron Sponsoring Committee Chair and myself. After the event squadron staff will put together packages of badges, plaques, certificates, medals and pins for delivery to cadet families.

Once we are back to in-person parades the Squadron will hold a presentation ceremony with the trophies so that we can have pictures of the presentations. CWO Porter and I will present epaulets to cadets who have been promoted. Unfortunately at this time I can not say when this will take place, but it will be at the first opportunity.

The Annual Review would normally mark the end of formal Squadron activities for the training year with the focus during the summer shifting to Cadet Summer Training Centres. In-person summer training, has also been canceled this year. Instead, National and Regional authorities will be providing virtual engagement opportunities. We don’t know what these opportunities will be, or how they will be organized, the details are still being worked out. A group of officers and cadets representing each unit is being created to provide communications and management of these opportunities. Stay tuned to our regular communications channels for news as it becomes available. The Squadron has also created some on-going virtual engagement opportunities which we will be continuing through the summer. Again, these opportunities are voluntary but should be considered by all cadets as activities to enjoy and stay engaged with their friends in Air Cadets during the summer.

The Zoom meeting invitation has been sent in secure communications channels. If you don’t have access to one of those channels please use one of the use the contact form to get in touch with staff.

Captain Buckley

Annual Cadet Review