2019 OPC Lottery winners!

Proceeds from the annual Ontario Provincial Committee (OPC) Lottery are used to fund the Air Cadet Glider Program and to support Ontario squadrons. Lottery proceeds contribute to ensuring that each year’s training program is interesting and challenging and comprises a wide range of activities. The 585 Rideau Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) works closely with the Squadron Staff, all cadets, and parents to ensure its success.

Read below to understand the lottery’s


Benefits to the Squadron

Our Squadron is assigned a number of books of tickets proportional to our cadet enrollment. Approximately 40% of the proceeds will be directed to our own training program.

The remaining 60% portion of proceeds will be used to support the Central Region’s Air Cadet Glider Program, in which Squadron cadets participate. The proceeds pay for aircraft fleet and parts procurement and maintenance costs associated with the operation of the 20 gliders, 10 tow planes, and winches. The proceeds also help support the Provincial Effective Speaking and Debating Competitions.


Campaign instructions

For our local lottery campaign to be a success, we require the cooperation and attentive efforts of our cadets and their parents. A critical aspect of the campaign is the safeguarding and accountability of the monies and tickets as well as their timely return. The books of tickets assigned to the Squadron are a liability to the Squadron whether they are sold or not, for example, we pay for lost books of tickets.

As part of the campaign, each cadet and family is asked to sell at least one book of tickets (12 tickets) with total value of $60. The following basic instructions apply:

  • Tickets: This year the tickets are to be sold for $5.00 each. Tickets can only be sold in Ontario to persons 18 years of age or older. Payment is cash only.
  • Ticket stubs: For the purpose of contacting and identifying the winner, all ticket stubs must be completely and clearly filled out showing the purchaser’s name, address, and phone number.
  • Prize claim: The ticket is required to claim a prize.
  • Unsold tickets: If cadets are unable to sell all or a portion of their book of tickets, please return them to the Squadron so that others can sell them.
  • Departing cadets: If for any reason a cadet decides to leave the Squadron, the assigned book of tickets and any monies must be returned immediately.
  • Additional tickets: Cadets may request additional books of tickets to sell. There will be rewards for the top sellers.

Lottery draws typically occur in the third week of April.


Books of tickets and monies return instructions

Books of tickets and associated monies are to be returned to SSC members or Squadron staff as soon as they are sold.