We need your help.

We are asking for your support, the parents and family of 585 cadets, to help us raise the necessary funds to buy ski equipment for our biathlon team. We are aiming for $5000 to buy 12 sets of skis, bindings, poles, and boots, as well the necessary waxing and maintenance gear.

Why? Members of the 585 Rideau Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets biathlon team are raising money to buy ski equipment. The biathlon team is now entering its third season but the Squadron does not currently own any ski equipment. The sport of biathlon – the winter multi-sport that involves cross-country ski racing and target shooting – is increasing in popularity within the cadet ranks at our Squadron and around the region. Last year, in only our second season, four cadets qualified and participated in the Provincial Championships in Sault Ste Marie. This year, 585 Squadron hopes to send even more cadets to provincials. To improve their chances, the biathletes need more time on skis. To do this, 585 Squadron needs its own set of ski equipment.

What have we done in the past two seasons? We have borrowed the equipment. At the beginning of the season, the Squadron puts in a request to the Eastern Region to borrow skis. In the last two years, we have received up to five sets. Also, the Squadron borrowed a few sets from the RCSCC #211 LANARK to make up the equipment gap. Although it has met the basic needs of our cadet biathletes, this is not an effective way to develop these young athletes. Our cadet biathletes, aged 12 to 18, practice every Saturday by shooting on our indoor range and running laps around the Squadron building. When the ski trails are ready, they will need ski equipment to train on. We have rifles but we need skis, boots, bindings, and poles.

As you know, there are no fees to participate in the Air Cadets. Local families can enroll their children in an organization that challenges them physically and mentally, that develops leadership and citizenship, and provides them with opportunities for personal growth, all at no cost to them. We receive generous support from DND for all essential training, but less for extracurricular activities and sports, such as biathlon. That is why we need to raise the money outside of our normal budget sources.

We have started an online crowdfunding campaign to attract donors from far and wide through the power of social media. The campaign can be found at this address: https://www.gofundme.com/canadian-kids-need-skis.

Many of Canada’s Olympic biathletes got their start as Cadets. We hope that with your help these cadet can achieve great things, too.

screenshot of our GoFundMe page
A screenshot of our campaign page on GoFundMe. Please click on it to donate or to share on Facebook.
Our biathletes need skis
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