Maj McDonald, who is also the Cadet Co-op program teacher, has sent out the following email:

Hello Everyone,

Cadet Co-op is back for another year for all OSLA and SEOA cadets, as well as air cadets in the NCR! Who doesn’t want to earn high school credits while conducting training with cadets.

Please find attached the registration form, as well as some FAQs.

Please feel free to send questions my way, or share my email with parents and cadets who may be interested.

This year’s program starts 1 Oct 2019, so any hours of training conducted with cadets from today on count towards accumulating time for credits. One credit is equivalent to 90 hours of training time.

Once a cadet is registered, they will be contacted by myself with the assignments required. I will do my best to visit cadets during training at the unit, however, it is far more likely that I will visit at common training events such as competitions so that I can see multiple at the same time, making it more effective.

I ask that you all share the information with parents as there are always many interested cadets, but it tends to be the parents who encourage and motivate cadets to actually complete the registration form.

A common misconceptions about the program is that this is only for UCDSB students. This is incorrect. UCDSB coordinates the program for the Ministry of Education, so any Ontario High School student in any board, may participate. That means all English, French, Catholic, and Public high schools. As well, a cadet must be in high school to participate.

Cadets can earn 2 credits at a time for co-op, to a maximum of 4 per year. This means once a cadet registers, they should be working towards their two initial credits. If they accumulate more hours, we can then look at the possibility of additional credits for that school/ training year.

If you have any questions please contact me and if I can’t answer them I will forward to Maj McDonald. Below are two documents: an FAQ and the Registration form.

Cadet Co-Op FAQs

Cadet Co-Op Registration Form 2019-2020

Cadet Co-op Program