Capt Buckley instructing senior cadets on how to use lanterns and stoves on the fall 2016 FTX (Photo by Maj D. Irish)
Capt HR Buckley CD instructing senior cadets on how to safely use lanterns and stoves on the fall 2016 FTX
(Photo by Maj (Retired) D Irish CD)

585 Rideau Squadron Air Cadets benefit from all supporting levels of the Air Cadet programme. To run the quality programme the Squadron does requires a great deal of resources and a high level of commitment and time from everyone involved. Along with this commitment come certain expectations for all cadets. These are as follows:

  • Attend all training nights, training activities, and parades. Cadets who do not attend parade nights regularly will fall behind in their training and will not be as successful as their fellow cadets. They may also be released from the Squadron. The same applies for any mandatory weekend training. Failure to participate in Squadron mandatory events will prevent you from participating in special activities as defined by the Commanding Officer (CO).
  • Attend a minimum of one field training exercise (FTX) annually.
  • Complete annual physical fitness and range training.
  • Attend the Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR). Cadet attendance at the ACR is mandatory for completing level training and for eligibility to attend summer courses.
  • If you cannot attend training, it is your responsibility to let us know in person or by providing absence notification.
  • Take part in fundraising activities such as Tag Day and selling Air Cadet League Lottery ticket sales. These activities raise the necessary funds to help the Squadron plan and implement various training activities and to keep the programme affordable for all participants.
  • Have your Health Card in your possession at all times.
  • Take care of your issued uniform! It costs the Department of National Defence (DND) approximately $500 to outfit each cadet.
    • Keep your uniform clean and pressed and your boots polished. SeeĀ Dress and uniform standards and Wearing and caring for your uniform. Ask your Flight staff for help if you don’t understand what to do.
    • Turn in parts of your uniform that you outgrow and you will be issued new ones.
    • Return your uniform when you leave the Squadron.
  • Keep up with your paperwork! There are permission forms for weekend training, summer camp applications, information bulletins, training schedules, and other documents requiring your attention. Ensure that forms are properly completed and returned in a timely manner.
  • Encourage your parents to attend Squadron closing parade, which normally starts at 2045 hrs. This is when the majority of the critical information is passed on. Follow this website closely for training news and timings.