The National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group has issued an order directing member cadet units on our role in the Canadian Forces response to the COVID-19 outbreak. I won’t get into the all the details here but the following quote is a good reminder to consider not only your own health when deciding to attend cadets, but the health of members of your own family and the broader community. As good citizens we all have a duty to follow guidance and recommendations of heath authorities in times of increased concern.

We know that the Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers programs are safe, fun and secure places for young people to enjoy experiences they can’t get anywhere else, and we want to ensure that we can continue to offer these valuable programs in communities across the country. We remind participants who are displaying symptoms such as cough and fever should seek medical attention and take time to recover before returning to activities. They will not be penalized for their absence, but are directed to notify their Cadet Corps, Squadron or Junior Canadian Ranger Patrol to ensure that your absence is recorded as excused.