I have attached a new CANCDTGEN order from Formation Command. This order does not provide any new direction, but it does amplify and clarify previous instructions. CANCDTGEN 018/20

Some points to note are:

Cadets and staff are encouraged to participate in virtual activities on their own or as authorized by Squadron CO, and will do so from their home location. No gathering is authorized. Where exceptional circumstances may arise, any request for in-person activities planned outside of the home, virtual or not, will only be authorized by Regional Commanders.

Wear of cadet uniforms: as dress regulations, uniforms for cadets may only be worn for official cadet functions, which have been cancelled. Cadets are allowed to wear their uniform in order to participate in virtual activities from their home, as authorized by the Squadron CO or during stay at home challenges presented on the official Cadets Canada Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels. Cadets are not authorized to wear their uniform outside of their home, unless authorized by Regional Commander under exceptional circumstances.

Corps and squadrons are encouraged to organize and participate in virtual activities, such as virtual annual ceremonial reviews (ACRs) and parade nights. However, these activities are to be optional in nature, and will not count towards Cadet training.There are activities provided by Formation that cadets may wish to participate in, this link has been previously shared: