We have some fast approaching deadlines for information, both for summer training applications and for our March Break trip (March 18th). I recognize that completing and getting paperwork to the squadron may be a burden. In each case you may download the form and submit the required information using the contact form provided at the links below. Any questions or problems that arise do not hesitate to contact me through the same contact form. I want to ensure that all cadets have an equal opportunity.

  1. Any cadets wishing to apply for summer courses, from Level 1 and up, should complete a summer training application form and submit it to Administration. Deadline for submission is Wednesday Feb 26. The application process closes on Feb 28, but I need time to ensure all applications are complete and submitted correctly. If you are unable to bring the form in by that date you may submit the information using the contact form here and I will complete the application. I just need the names of cadets in Level 1 wishing to attend General Training, or for cadets in Level 2 and above up to three choices of courses. If there are any additional information requirements I will get in touch.
  2. Sports Night Friday Feb 21, 1830 to 2030, is cancelled. The gym at St Francis de Sales Catholic School is not available.
  3. Range practice at the regular time this Saturday Feb 22nd. We have been invited to send a team to an invitational shoot in Ottawa Saturday Feb 29th.
  4. Band practice Feb 25 and the Wing, 1900 to 2030. Cadets wishing to join the band are welcome to come out to practices.
  5. The Squadron will be conducting a March Break trip on March 18th. We are required to provide numbers to Area HQ by March 3rd. Take a participation form tonight. They will also be available on the web site. The forms must be completed and returned to the CO by March 3rd. If you are unable to bring the form in by that date you may submit the information using the contact form here and I will add your name to the list. The application form is available here: March 18 Trip Form
  6. We have been made aware that the family of one of our cadets at 2642 RCACC in Petawawa has lost their home and contents due to a fire this past weekend. Not only is the cadet an active member of the corps but the father is a Regular Force member who has been volunteering with the corps. Should you wish to donate to a support fund a Go Fund Me page has been set up: https://www.gofundme.com/f/beare-family-fire-relief
  7. Uniform updates:
    1. Air Cadet Proficiency Level badges are in the process of being updated.
    2. The Field Training Uniform (FTU). The FTU will be issued to Air and Sea Cadets in a phased approach with a view to ensuring all Cadets will have a FTU. This will take some time, but you may shortly start to see Sea and Air wearing FTU. This is a welcome change that will provide a uniform all cadets can wear during field training and regular parade nights, saving wear and tear on the dress uniform which will only be used for ceremonial parades and occasions.
Closing Announcements – Feb 19 2020