All cadets are invited, parents/guardians can sit in. Wednesday April 29, 2020 6 PM. I’ve scheduled two hours but we can talk as long as someone has something to say.

Meeting invitation details will be posed on Facebook, Instagram and sent to the mailing list.

  • Update on War Thunder
  • Introduction to Model Rocket and Airplane activity (see this link)
  • Virtual Squadron Picture (see below).
  • Open discussion

Virtual Squadron Picture

During the last CO’s parade we were able to have we took pictures of all the cadets who were there. We also took a Squadron photo. We always interned to take the official Squadron photo during the ACR, but that will not be possible. If you were absent and want to be included in in the picture this is what you do:

  • Dress in your C1A uniform, clean and pressed.
  • Find a background. A blank wall with a uniform color that isn’t similar to any of your uniform, is best. Green is good. If you can’t find a blank wall, do the best you can.
  • Have someone take two pictures, one facing slightly right, the other facing slightly left. See the picture below and try to copy the what the other cadets are doing. Email those pictures to me. If you don’t have my email address, use the contact form to send me your email and I will reply with mine.

I will remove the background from your picture and past you into the squadron picture:

585 Squadron
CO Virtual Meeting