1. Level 2 and up who wish to apply for Summer Training should see Adm O (Mr Irish). Deadline for applications is Feb 29.
  2. Three week camps are now available for applications, these are available for Level 2 and up. Deadline for applications is Feb 28.
    1. Basic Musician (Military Band, Pipe Band)
    2. Basic Fitness and Sports
    3. Basic Aviation
    4. Basic Aviation Technology and Aerospace
    5. Basic Survival
    6. Basic Drill and Ceremonial
  3. Mr. Irish will not be here Feb 26 so if you can get your course requests to him next week that will save a lot of work.
  4. Descriptions of these courses and dates are on the website on the Summer Training Page. You can also download our summer training worksheet,  complete and bring this form back to the squadron to make the applications process easier.
  5. There is a two week international summer training opportunity for Level 5 cadets who will be 17 years old on or before June 20 at the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Officer School conducted in Montgomery, Alabama Jun 20 through July 3. We can nominate up to two candidates but at most only one will be selected. There are limited billets for this course (last year there were six billets). Deadline for application is Feb 28. Interested cadets should see the CO soonest.
  6. Sports Nights start Friday Feb 14, 1830 to 2030, St Francis de Sales Catholic School, 4 Ross St., Smiths Falls. Exertion is scheduled for Saturday April 18, 2020. Cadets wishing to be on the exertion team should attend Sports on Friday nights.
  7. In addition to Exertion, the Area OIC has announced a one day sports competition between all 28 units of the Ottawa and St Lawrence Area June 6th. This competition will also require a team of 10 cadets which means we have sports competition opportunities for up to 20 cadets. Training for this team will begin after Exertion.
  8. Range practice at the regular time this Saturday Feb 15. We have been invited to send a team to an invitational shoot in Ottawa Saturday Feb 29.
  9. Band practice Feb 18 and the Wing, 1900 to 2030.
  10. We are still waiting for General Training serials to be released so that Level 1 cadets may apply.
Feb 12, 2020 – Closing Announcements