Virtual CTC Applications

I have been asked to pass on the following information regarding submitting applications for Virtual CTCs. Noteworthy, it is not too late to submit an application.

Good Morning. A group of Zone Training Officers are in the process of harvesting the information from Cadet’s emails being sent to the address. A couple of points that i would ask you to you to pass to your cadets to make the process more successful.

1. Please do not send attachments. Unfortunately we may or may not be able to open that attachment and end up sending an email back to the cadet to resubmit.

2. Ask your cadets to keep the information in the email to the requirements. Extra and unnecessary text slows down the process as we have to read thru everything to find the information that we require.

If you can pass this along to your cadets if you are in Central Region it would be appreciated.

Enjoy your Canada Day.

Feedback on Virtual CTC Applications