Good day everyone,

As mentioned in the 2020 Campaign Plan, we are taking the opportunity of the current situation to recapitalize our material.  This will allow all Air Cadets to receive a Field Training Uniform (FTU).  However, while Public Health Measures remain to combat the spread and transmission of the COVID-19 virus, we are requesting your help to provide us with the measurements required to place the orders. In order to do that, we are asking you to consult the attached measuring guide and respect the instructions below. Please complete and return this form no later than August 1st so we can compile and submit the bulk order by September 1st. The form can be filled in using Adobe Acrobat. Instructions for making the measurements are in this document.

Email the completed form (one for each cadet in your family) to


  • This form should be completed with the assistance of an adult.
  • Individuals being measured should remove bulky items such as wallets/cell phone from their pockets.
  • They should NOT stand at the “ATTENTION” position.
  • All measurements should be taken close but NOT TOO TIGHT, Allow for expected growth between now and mid-winter when deliveries are expected.
  • When measuring the feet the object is to get the length of the longest foot, and the width of the widest foot. This insures the pair of boots will fit comfortably on the longest and widest foot/feet which ever that happens to be.

For any questions, please contact the CO.

Thank you.

Field Training Uniform (FTU) Ordering Instructions