More than just camping, an article describing the latest FTX weekend, appeared in local papers and on the InsideOttawaValley website. Below is an excerpt from the article. To read it all, if you missed it or if you don’t get a Metroland Media paper, CLICK HERE.

“Approximately 90 cadets and staff from 585 Rideau Squadron Smiths Falls, 661 Lt. F. Sharpe Squadron Prescott, and 870 Vampire Squadron Brockville attended the training weekend. They congregated on the Moffatt Farm to practise military bush craft – the skills needed to survive in the woods. Cadets learned fire building, shelter construction, and orienteering skills. 585 Squadron hosted this FTX, but each squadron takes turns hosting one training weekend per year.  The next one will be a winter FTX.

Aside from learning to read a map & compass, building shelters, learning about weather, and starting a fire in the rain, cadets fired rockets and enjoyed a little free time. Senior cadets helped set up, organize, and teach the more junior cadets. On the Sunday, they all put their new knowledge and skills to the test with an Amazing-Race-style challenge in which teams navigated to various points in the bush using map & compass orienteering. At each checkpoint, cadets had to complete a challenge, such as lighting a fire (in the rain) with only one match, lighting a gas stove, performing accurate ground-to-air signals, executing rescue carries, and team building exercises.”



FTX weekend featured in local papers