The Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) and the Air Cadet League of Canada partner to create and fund the cadet programme. This partnership is very strong and visible at national, provincial, and local levels.

The national level is centered in Ottawa. The two main partner organizations meet regularly to discuss the programme. On the military side, the Vice-Chief of Defence Staff receives updates through the Chief, Reserves and Cadets. On the civilian side, the Air Cadet League receives reports from each provincial division.

Provincially, on the military side, the country is divided into Regional Cadet Support Units (RCSUs). In Ontario (excluding Ottawa), Squadrons report through RCSU (Central) (C), located in CFB Borden. The Commanding Officer (CO) of RCSU(C) is considered the CO for all officers in the region (Squadron COs are supervisors). On the League side, the Air Cadet League of Canada, Ontario Division, known as the Ontario Provincial Committee (OPC), is headquartered in Toronto.

Locally, there is Squadron-level command. On the military side, the Squadron CO supervises all staff and officers and acts as the unit manager. The CO performs these functions with the support of Eastern Ontario Area detachment at CFB Trenton. On the League side, there is the Squadron Director and Sponsoring Committee (SSC) Chairperson. 585 Rideau Squadron’s official sponsoring group is 443 Wing Royal Canadian Air Force Association (RCAFA). Working together, the CO and SSC run the Squadron.

The CO is responsible for the operation of the Squadron. The SSC assists in fundraising, organizing dinners, running the Annual Cadet Review (ACR), helps manage Squadron finances, and operates and maintains this website with direct input from the Squadron.

The Squadron is funded through DND, the Air Cadet League of Canada, and local sponsors. Fundraising events, such as Tag Day, Ontario Provincial Committee (OPC) lottery tickets, and poppy sales, are large sources of income for our programme.

Our funding sources allow us to run a program that is largely free of cost to families. Some training activities require supplementary costs, which we ask families to cover. This may include money for food during trips or to cover entry fees into museums or special venues. We provide advance notice to ensure that enough time is afforded to families.

The Squadron does offer subsidy for families under significant financial restrictions. It is the responsibility of the family to communicate with the SSC or the CO to discuss assistance.