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17 April 2020

Cadets, Parents, and Guardians,

Last week, in the interest of maintaining the safety of all who participate in the program and to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, Brigadier-General Cochrane, Commander of the National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group, announced the suspension of all in-person cadet activities until 31 August 2020. This decision was not made lightly; experienced personnel worked diligently taking into consideration guidance from public health authorities since the beginning of the pandemic to come to this conclusion.

Many of our cadets, your children, will be concerned about summer courses, qualifications, promotions, and many other milestone events. For your information, we have stood up a team comprised of specially selected members from across the country to prepare viable options for the way ahead and this team will present these options to the Commander for a final decision.

As we navigate this temporary reality together remember our aim has not changed: to deliver Canada’s finest youth development program by engaging safe and challenging experiences that support citizenship, leadership, and physical fitness. This is no small feat given we must also operate within the constraints of our current realities, but we are up to the challenge. We are drawing from an incredible talent pool of dedicated staff and partners, and we have deeply motivated, resilient, and adaptable cadets. Together, we will get this done, and we will be stronger for it.

I’ve attached a letter from Brigadier-General Cochrane to you. For up-to-date information as we move ahead, please remain in contact with your Corps/Squadron Commanding Officer, follow our official social media channels, and our Regional Cadet Support Unit (Central) newsletter. Thank-you for your patience, your commitment, and your confidence in our ability to provide a positive, developmental experience in your child’s life.

Yours very truly,

B.J. Leonard



Letter from LCol Leonard Commander RCSU(C)