It is that time of year again, school will soon be starting and with it cadets. We have a number of significant changes happening this year so I want all returning Level 4 and 5 cadets to attend on September 4th for briefings on parade position selection, promotion board procedures and changes to the way training will be organized this year.

All other cadets should attend September 4th if they have problems with uniform fit, serviceability or missing parts. Bring in the pieces that need replacing. Also any cadets that have any administrative issue come up over the summer should attend to ensure the appropriate staff know about these.

Dress for September 4th will be appropriate civilian clothes.

We are trying to get access to Duncan J School some of the early training days. We may not find out if we have access until a few days before any particular night so be sure to check the calendar before leaving for training.

Some of the changes we are making are in response to requests from cadets, some are in response to changes of staff. Some of the changes will present challenges we will have to work together to overcome. All of the changes present opportunities for each of you to step forward and use the skills and knowledge you have developed and show that you can continue the tradition of excellence established by those cadets who have gone before.

As always if you have questions, problems or legitimate reasons you can not attend, use the absence notification form as the best way to contact the staff. While we may see and respond to a post or comment on Facebook, none of the staff has time to frequently check that site, especially at this busy time of year.

New Training Year Starting.