Each Wednesday night during 585 Rideau Squadron’s training year, cadets take part in a number of routine events that will guide them through their training. Each training night includes instructional periods, as well as an opening and closing parade, and breaks. See the Training calendar for training nights and major activities.

Parents and guests are encouraged to attend closing parades because important announcements are often made at this time.

Weekly training:


Regular training night schedule

1800 hours–1810 hours
Cadets arrive, see Supply if required, meet with other cadets, and prepare for inspection.

Inspections and attendance
1810 hours–1830 hours
Form up on the Parade Square, attendance, and inspection by Flight staff.

Opening Parade
1830 hours–1840 hours
Quick opening parade to discuss events for the night and to hone drill skills.

Period 1
1845 hours–1915 hours
First instructional period. Cadets take classroom, drill, or other skill lessons according to their assigned level.

Short break / Move
1915 hours–1920 hours
Have a drink and go to the bathroom as required.

Period 2
1920 hours–1950 hours
Second instructional period.

1950 hours–2005 hours
During this longer break, cadets socialize with other cadets and enjoy refreshments from the canteen. Bring snack money.

Period 3
2005 hours–2035 hours
Third instructional period.

Clean up and  Form up
2035 hours–2040 hours
Clean up training areas and form up for closing parade.

Closing Parade
2040 hours–2100 hours
Extended parade to make announcements, make presentations, and practice drill.

2100 hours
Unless dealing with administrative issues, all cadets should leave the building after closing parade. Parents, guardians, or designated drivers should be ready to pick up their cadets at 2100hrs.


Commanding Officer’s Parade

Commanding Officer’s (CO’s) Parade is a special ceremonial parade where the Commanding Officer inspects the cadets and special presentations occur.

These parades typically occur on the first Wednesday of a month. They replace Period 1 in our regular schedule and run into the closing parade. Guests are encouraged to attend.


Sports and fitness testing nights

To keep things interesting, the Squadron has sports and fitness testing nights during which cadets wear sports gear instead of their uniforms, and get active. These nights usually occur on CO’s Parade nights, as the CO designates.



If a cadet is unable to attend training, the cadet must notify the Squadron; otherwise, it will be marked as an unexcused absence, which counts against the completion of training.


Cancellations due to weather

The safety of our cadets is our primary concern at all times. Cadets are not obligated to attend training if the weather puts them at risk.

This website will be the primary means of communication through our Twitter and news and calendar feeds on the Welcome page.

If, at any time, parents or designated drivers consider that transportation may cause undue risk, they should not attempt to transport their cadets to training. In general, if school is cancelled due to bad weather, training is also cancelled.

If a cadet cannot attend due to inclement weather and a general training cancellation order is not in effect, the cadet must notify the Squadron.