Key 585 Rideau Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) provides direct support to squadron operations. The SSC

  • Provides training facilities
  • Manages all squadron finances
  • Leads the fundraising activities: $18,000/year is needed to run the Squadron’s activities
  • Promotes honors, awards, and trophies for recognizing special achievement
  • Acts as representatives for parents and the community at large
  • Provides funds for optional activities such as citizenship trips, recreational trips, and other events not sponsored directly by the Air Cadet program
  • Arranges annual special events such as Christmas and Mess dinners and the Annual Cadet Review (ACR)
  • Operates and maintain this website with direct input from the Squadron

Other SSC duties include

  • Assisting in recruiting suitable youth to be Air Cadets
  • Making recommendations through the Ontario Provincial Committee (OPC) to the Region Commander regarding the enrollment, appointment, promotion, transfer, or release of Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC) Officers for the Squadron
  • Assisting in providing names of possible candidates for replacement officers and for Civilian Instructors and  Volunteers
  • Inviting suitable persons to be members of the SSC
  • Interacting with the Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC) Officers, Civilian Instructors (CIs), and Squadron cadets
  • Liaison with other SSCs