The following organizations work together to support 585 Rideau Squadron activities throughout the year:


Air Cadet League of Canada

The Air Cadet League of Canada is a national and provincial volunteer civilian organization that acts in partnership with the Department of National Defence (DND) to provide support for the Royal Canadian Air Cadets.

The Air Cadet League

  • Provides a voice in Canada for the Air Cadet movement as a whole
  • Ensures the Canadian public is kept aware of the accomplishments and capabilities of the movement
  • Promotes and encourage among young people a practical interest in aeronautics, and to assist those intending to pursue a career in the field of aviation or aerospace
  • Advises and assists the Canadian Forces in developing and improving Air Cadet training programs


Ontario Provincial Committee (OPC)

The Ontario Provincial Committee (OPC) of the Air Cadet League provides financial support and oversight to Ontario’s Royal Canadian Air Cadet squadrons.

Proceeds from the annual OPC Lottery are used to fund the Air Cadet Glider Program and to support Ontario squadrons.


Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC)

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) completes the background functions required to support the squadron. It is responsible to the OPC. The SCC is comprised of persons approved, registered, and screened in accordance with League policy.

Members of the SSC include parents or guardians of cadets, former military personnel or cadets, and members of the community who wish to play a role in ensuring the success of the Squadron.

For more information, see Roles and responsibilities.


Squadron sponsor

585 Rideau Squadron’s principal sponsor is 443 (Rideau) Wing Royal Canadian Air Force Association (RCAFA). They generously host Squadron Headquarters (HQ) for weekly cadet training and on weekends as required, enabling the Squadron to carry out its training objectives. 433 Wing also provides the Squadron an annual monetary grant.

The Squadron has several other key sponsors who support Squadron activities.