To train and guide 585 Rideau Squadron cadets, the Squadron has uniformed adult leaders, non-uniformed adult leaders, and cadet leaders. The current slate of major Squadron appointments is listed below by Squadron staff and Cadet parade positions.

The Squadron is assisted by several other support organizations at the national, provincial, and local levels.


Current Major Appointments

Squadron Staff

Squadron Commanding Officer (CO)

Capt P.L. Irish, OSJ, CD

Deputy Commanding Officer (DCO)

Capt R. Buckley, CD

Unit Cadet Conflict Management Advisor (UCCMA)

Maj D. Irish, CD (Ret’d)

Training Officer (Trg O)

Capt A. Cordy

Administration Officer (Adm O)


Supply Officer (Sup O)

CO’s Volunteer J. Salisbury

Squadron Officers

  • Capt D. Moffitt, CD
  • OCdt B. Torrens

Civilian Volunteers (CVs) 

  • Maj D. Irish, CD (Ret’d)
  • Sgt C. Yuschyshyn, CD (Ret’d)
  • Mr. A. Blake

Military Volunteer (MV)

Maj P. Legere, CD

Level Instructors

  • Level 1: CV – Maj D. Irish, CD (Ret’d)
  • Level 2: OCdt B. Torrens
  • Level 3: Maj P. Legere, CD
  • Level 4: Capt A. Cordy
  • Level 5: Capt D. Moffitt, CD

Air Studies Instructors

  • Mr. A. Blake
  • Capt R. Buckley, CD

Band Director

CV – Sgt C. Yuschyshyn, CD (Ret’d)

Cadet Parade Positions

Cadet parade positions are selected in November. The senior cadets undergo training and compete for parade positions.

Squadron Cadet Commander


Squadron Deputy Cadet Commander


Squadron Warrant Officer (SWO)

WO1 N. Bright

Duty Sergeant (Duty Sgt)


Alpha Flight Sergeant (A Flt Sgt)


Alpha Flight Second-in-Command (A Flt 2IC)


Bravo Flight Sergeant (B Flt Sgt)


Bravo Flight Second-in-Command (B Flt 2IC)


Senior Flag Party Sergeant (Flag Party Sgt)


Drum Major

WO2 D. Weatherall