With the restrictions needed as part of the COVID-19 response the Squadron is going to have to adapt our normal year end activities. We are currently waiting for headquarters IT support to apply the changes they have designed for our management software to ensure every cadet completes their year. Once this happens we will be able to apply end of year level updates which will qualify many cadets for promotion.

We have finished deliberations for year end awards, except for the O’Blenis scholarship and Merit Review Boards for promotions to WO1 and WO2. Those require an interview which we are in the process of arranging. As you can imagine these things all take more time under physical distancing requirements.

We are also aware that cadets have virtual school work, which can be stressful and time consuming for cadets and parents/guardians, and that changes to employment can also add stress to home life. Please be aware that all cadet activities during this time are 100% voluntary and intended to provide social contact and an activity outlet intended to reduce rather than increase stress. Rest assured that even if a cadet does not participate in any way they will still complete their year, maintain their seniority, receive promotions and awards they have earned, and be able to start next year in the next level. We will be having staff or senior cadets contact you on a weekly basis, either through our virtual activities, or by telephone to ensure we maintain contact and can answer any questions.

Taking all of this into account we have decided to push the Annual Cadet Review and Awards (ACR) to the last part of June. This will give us time to design what an ACR looks like, and arrange for award recipients to receive their plaques, medals, and certificates. We also intend to present promotions at the same time so we will have to complete the administrative work and distribute the new rank badges. This will also allow us to continue in contact with cadets to aid in the transition to Summer Training Centre lead activities for July and August.

We also intend to have an in-person presentation as soon as we are able so that we can properly celebrate our cadets’ achievements as a Squadron. Formation Command is working on ways that graduating cadets can return and participate.

In addition to all this, we will be continuing the Squadron T-shirt distribution. Each Level 1 cadet will be given a Squadron T-shirt which will be paid for by the SSC. This will also be an opportunity for those who have outgrown their T-shirt to purchase a larger size. We are also considering a Squadron hoodie order this year that cadets may purchase. More information on the design of the hoodie, and cost of booth hoodies and replacement T-shirts will be forthcoming once we know the details and the size of the order. The hoodie order will depend on sufficient interest. The SSC will set up a means of electronic funds transfer for charges.

Happy mothers’ day!

As always, we hope you stay well.

Capt Buckley

Squadron Year End Planning