Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for a great practice Monday night. Everyone is making excellent progress and working hard to sound and look their best on parade!

In case you have been away, we are currently working on preparing for a few informal performances. Please bring your instrument and music on the following dates and prepare the following music:

  • Wednesday March 28th – O Canada and God Save the Queen to be played at the Squadron Mess Dinner.
  • Monday April 2nd – Yes, there is a practice on Easter Monday.  Please let Capt Irish or FSgt Weatherall know if you are unable to make practice.
  • Tuesday April 3rd – The band has been requested to play O Canada at the Smiths Falls Legion’s meeting at 7 pm.  They are excited to see the band and the drums they have helped finance! Please bring your instrument and all your copies of O Canada as we need to make sure everyone is playing the correct version.
  • Wednesday April 4th – We will be marching at the CO’s parade this week to prepare for the ACR at the end of May.  Practice RCAF with a recording on YouTube to help you be able to play fluently with an ensemble.  If possible, trumpets and trombones please have your music memorised because you will be focusing on drill movements and being able to march and play at the same time.

Watch this video of our band at the 870 Squadron ACR: 585 Rideau Squadron Band plays the 870 Vampire Squadron ACR

For first year musicians, please take some time to review your notes for trombones and drum signals for bass drum. See also Standard drill manuals. I will hand out a summary of the band signals and commands for everyone at practice on Monday, April 2nd.

Looking forward to seeing those of you who can make it on Wednesday and enjoy your Easter!

Ms. Yuschyshyn
Music Director, 585 Rideau Squadron Band

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