Virtual CTC Catalogue and Schedule.

Summer Virtual CTC – More Specific Guidance From Area HQPlease note that as of 1100hrs on Mon 29 Jun 20, enrollment will be open for cadet virtual CTC opportunities. There are only 5500 Central region billets so your cadets would be wise to submit their application right away as they are expected to fill up quickly. In order to ensure fairness, registration emails received prior to that date and time will be rejected. Cadets must submit the following information to .

  • (1) Last Name,
  • (2) First Name,
  • (3) Corps/Sqn Number, (585)
  • (4) Corps/Sqn Element, (Air)
  • (5) Name of their #1 course choice & serial,
  • (6) Name of their #2 course choice & serial,
  • (7) Name of their #3 course choice & serial,
  • (8) Preferred Language of training,
  • (9) Phone number (will be used as a second-factor authentication),
  • (10) Email address, and
  • (11) Instrument selection for cadets registering for the music course

The guidance specifies that the Email Address must be one that the cadet can access, and that the email address and phone number must be in Fortress. This is how they will determine an email is a legitimate request from a cadet. In order to limit problems and disappointment I suggest that cadets send me an email from the address they will use and include the cadet’s name and the phone number they will use. I will enter the data in Fortress. If you include all the information specified above I will check your application over for mistakes. I will acknowledge each message. My email address is

I will also hold a meeting for anyone with questions Sunday June 28 at 7 PM. If you don’t have access to the meeting information use the General Contact form or the Absence Notification form to request it.

Virtual CTC – Additional Guidance from Area HQ – fixed email address