585 Squadron Newsletter #2
November 2017


I would like to congratulate all cadets on their promotions. The hard work and dedication you have demonstrated to the squadron is appreciated.  

Cadets – The next couple of months will be busy with training and community service activities. As always, I am positive that you will show your pride for 585 Rideau Squadron and work diligently to attend all activities that you make a commitment to.  

Parents/Guardians –  Thank you for your never-ending support and ensuring your cadet(s) is reaching his or her goals.  

SUMMER TRAINING – Believe it or not we need to start thinking of summer camps. All cadets in level 3 and up have the opportunity to apply for national courses. The senior courses have specific criteria that needs to be adhered to, and it is essential that these applications are received within the due dates that will be given. The squadron will hold an information session to assist cadets with this process. Date/Time TBD.  

Capt A. Cordy
Commanding Officer  


October 2017

  • 21-22 Oct – 585 Sqn Fall FTX – Cadets must participate in one FTX per year.  Dress: Civilian Clothing-weather appropriate. Location – Moffitt Farm – 1384 County Rd 42 Kemptville. Saturday morning, Bus leaves at 8am sharp from the Wing.
  • NEW DATE TBC (28 Oct) – Biathlon Training – Shooting. For Biathlon team members. Dress: appropriate civilian attire. Location – Connaught Range Ottawa.

November 2017

  • 01 Nov – COs Parade – Mandatory regular training night – 6:15 to 9:15 pm. Dress C1. Location – Duncan J Schoular School, Smiths Falls.
    • NEW – For Parents – Join the SSC for coffee at 7:30 in the Library. Chat with SSC Members and any available Squadron Staff. Parade starts at 8:10.
  • 04 Nov – Poppy Sales –The Squadron will be assisting the Smiths Falls Legion in Poppy Sales. Dress C1 Sign up sheets were sent home on Oct 11 training night.
  • 11 Nov – Remembrance Day Ceremony – Mandatory – Dress C1- Location sign up sheet sent home on Oct 11.
  • 12 Nov – Biathlon Training – Shooting. For Biathlon team members. Dress: appropriate civilian attire. Location – Connaught Range Ottawa.
  • 18 Nov – Tag Day – Mandatory – FULL DAY Activity.  Location sign up sheet sent home on Oct 11.
  • 25 Nov – Santa Claus Parade  (Smiths Falls) – Details TBC


  • 06 Dec – COs Parade – Mandatory regular training night – 6:15 to 9:15 pm. Dress C1. Location – Duncan J Schoular School, Smiths Falls.
  • 20 Dec – Christmas Dinner – Details TBC
  • Date Pending – Range Day – Date & Location TBD. Mandatory attendance for all cadets. Dress: Civilian Clothing.


  • Parade Night: Mandatory – Wednesdays 6:15 to 9:15 pm. Dress: Uniform C2.  Location: 585 Training HQ – 44 Abbott Street, Smiths Falls.
  • Activity Night: Optional – Fridays 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Dress: Civilian/Sports Clothing. Location and Activity type as follows:
    • 1st Friday of the Month – Sports at St. Francis de Sales School, Smiths Falls
    • 2nd Friday of the Month – Rockets at 443 Wing
    • 3rd Friday of the Month – Sports at St. Francis de Sales School, Smiths Falls
    • 4th Friday of the Month – Games at 443 Wing
  • Air Studies: Optional training for flying scholarships – Mondays 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Dress: Civilian Clothing. Location: 585 Training HQ – 44 Abbott Street, Smiths Falls.


Lottery tickets have now been distributed to all Cadets. The first instalment for our share of the cost of the tickets is due December 1st so any money collected and ticket stubs sold would be appreciated returned ASAP.

Role of the SSC

The SSC provides the direct support to squadron operations; manages all squadron finances and fundraising activities; promotes honors, awards and trophies – special recognition; provides cadet recreational programs; acts as representative of parents; public relations with the community at large; and arranges annual special events such as mess dinners and the annual ceremonial review. The committee funds make possible supplemental optional activities and programs such as citizenship trips, recreational trips or other training events not funded by DND.

The majority of the SSC members are parents of our cadets. If you have skills (accounting, fund raising, public relations, website, administrative, or secretarial) you think might be useful to the SSC or simply want to assist in any way possible, please contact one of our SSC members.

 Ontario Provincial Committee (OPC) Lottery Campaign – Sept-Dec 2017

Proceeds from this Lottery are used to fund the Air Cadet Glider Program and to support the special provincial events & programs for Ontario squadrons. Our squadron has been assigned 55 books of tickets. Approximately 40% of the proceeds will be directed to our own 585 Sqn training program for 2017-2018.

For our local lottery campaign to be a success, we require the cooperation and attentive efforts of our cadets and their parents. A critical aspect of the campaign is the safeguarding and accountability of the monies and tickets as well as their timely return. The books of tickets assigned to the Squadron are a liability to the Squadron whether they are sold or not, for example, we pay for lost books of tickets. As part of the campaign, each cadet and family is asked to sell at least one book of tickets (12 tickets) with total value of $60.

585 Rideau Squadron’s Sponsor is 443 (Rideau) Wing Royal Canadian Air Force Association (RCAFA). They generously host Squadron Headquarters (HQ) for weekly cadet training and on weekends as required, enabling the Squadron to carry out its training objectives. 433 Wing also provides the Squadron an annual monetary grant.


  • Annual Validation Forms issued to cadets must be completed, signed and handed in to the Administration Officer OCdt Burrell as soon as possible.
  • Absence Request: If a cadet is unable to attend training, they must notify 585 Squadron staff by completing the Absence notification contact form on the website OR calling 613-283-9990; otherwise, their non-attendance will be marked as an unexcused absence, which counts against the completion of their training.
  • Replacement Name Tags: If required see the Supply Officer.
  • Uniform: Any issues with your uniform please see Supply ASAP to have it corrected. It is the cadet’s responsibility, not the parents, to maintain the uniform.


Check the Squadron website at www.585aircadets.org.

All cadets are responsible to check the Squadron website at least once a week for messages. At a minimum, the website Training Calendar and front page messages should be checked on the day preceding any cadet activity for the latest updated information.


For questions about event scheduling and Squadron operations, please contact the Training Officer.

For questions concerning the SSC, please contact the SSC Chairperson.

585 Squadron Newsletter – November 2017