We are ramping up our virtual activities during the COVID-19 stand down.

With our virtual activities we need a way for cadets to share pictures and short videos of what they are doing. At the same time we want to keep that space safe and familiar to the cadet age group. After consulting with our senior cadets we have decided to create a new and private Instagram account.

If you don’t want to set up set up an Instagram account you may also post to the squadron Facebook Group, if you have a Facebook account. If not, please get in touch with the Command Officer who will work with you to come up with a way to share your pictures with the squadron.

The most interesting pictures and videos will be shared to the website.

We also recommend that you or your parents/guardians set up a Zoom account. The staff, SSC and senior cadets have been having virtual meetings using Zoom. This will be a good tool for us to have as close to in-person meetings as we can at this time. The Commanding Officer will be holding virtual office hours on Zoom for cadets who have question or just want to chat. Instagram and Zoom instructions can be found at this link: http://585aircadets.org/register-instagram-account/.

Tools for Virtual Activities