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First some information for young people who want to join cadets. National Command has created a website cadets/parents/guardians can use to start the process. The main page, with information about the program is canada.ca/join-cadets, the information entry page is at https://app.cadets.gc.ca/cadet-registration/get-started.html. The information collected will be sent the corps/squadron selected and you will be contacted to arrange for completion of the process.

Commanding Officer’s Message

It has been a long time since March Break in 2020 when everything we did, and the way we did it changed as the COVID-19 virus spread through the community. We are now in our second summer of limited activities for cadets due to Public Health Measures and Restrictions. However; the situation has been improving. With the increased availability of vaccinations we do have some in-person opportunities for cadets happening this summer; and we can hope for increasing in-person activities when local training resumes in September.

Not everything has been bad. As with any crisis the Canadian Cadet Organization has been examining what we’ve done over the past 16 months, learning from mistakes and building on successes. Here are some of the things we can look forward to in training year 2021 – 2022.


The Commander Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers (CJCR) has announced the acquisition of Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Teams for use across the Formation as CADET365, as part of the CJCR digital strategy.

CADET365 will enable all levels of the organization to conduct virtual training and engagement, on a common platform with features such as videoconferencing, live chat, file sharing, with eventual e-mail integration with CCO Net (for staff), and easy access to the Microsoft suite of office products.

The roll out of CADET365 will be done in three phases:

Phase One (summer 2021). Support to Cadet Training Centres (Virtual) providing tools and resources to staff and cadets who are participating. This has been completed.

Phase Two (starting fall 2021). Gradual deployment of the platform for use by corps and squadrons (staff and cadets); roll out to corps and squadron staff is starting; and

Phase Three (TBD). Eventual access for parents/guardians, and other required stakeholders.

We will be contacting all cadets and parents/guardians to ensure we have the correct information registered in Fortress so that Formation IT Support can quickly and efficiently create accounts. This will be especially important for any cadets who wish to participate in Virtual CTCs either as a student or staff.

Here is a short FAQ they have prepared:

What is CADET365?

CADET365 is Microsoft Office 365 deployed for CJCR. It is a cloud-based suite of business tools such as, Word, Excel, OneNote, MS Teams and many others. This solution is being deployed to facilitate work from personal devices, improve collaboration for CCO members, and provide an alternate training delivery system.

What is Microsoft (MS) Teams?

Microsoft (MS) Teams is a component of Microsoft 365. It is a collaborative toolset to help you and your colleagues communicate. It provides an easy-to-access bridge between those working in a full-time office setting and those working at home or from other remote locations such as Corps/Sqn personnel. You can use Microsoft Teams to hold web conferences (audio, video and chat), to share information and resources.

Who will use CADET365 and for what purpose?

CADET365 will be used for CTC(Virtual) for the delivery of virtual training. Following that, CADET365 will be used by all Corps/Sqn for their own virtual engagement requirements (with Microsoft Teams) and also to collaborate and share resources and information among staff, cadets, and parents.

At some point, staff will have access to their CCO Net email @cadets.gc.ca through CADET365, from their personal asset or mobile device.

When will I get access to CADET365?

CADET365 will be introduced in a phased approach, with the priority being CTC(Virtual). The onboarding process will begin once staff and cadets have confirmed their availability for CTC(Virtual) 2021. Accounts will be distributed in batches; however, we are looking to have all users set-up in advance of the start of contracts/CTC.

The intent is for all adult staff to be on-boarded throughout the summer of 2021 but onboarding of all cadets should only start after the summer and extend over a certain period of time. Onboarding of parents (as guests) will start at a later date that have yet to be determined.

How do I get a CADET365 account?

The CADET365 team will contact you directly to notify you that a CADET365 account has been created on your behalf. Your log in information and the details to activate your account will be emailed to you once your account has been created. During the initial onboarding period accounts will be provided to those identified as staff and cadets attending CTC(Virtual). Following that the project team will follow a phased approach to roll out accounts to all members and cadets.

How do I make sure my account can be created?

For adult staff, ensuring that your CCO Net account is active is the first step in ensuring you will receive your Cadet365 account.

For cadets, they must have an up-to-date e-mail addresses and a phone number entered into Fortress in order to create their accounts. The e-mail addresses must be unique to each cadet, and accessible from the device they intend to use for CTC(Virtual).

New Training and New Methods

The introduction of CADET365 will provide a platform upon which we can improve existing training and communications, but also take the best of virtual engagement and bring it to our program. We all do realize that virtual instruction is not going to be anyone’s favorite right now, but when used to supplement and enhance in-person training it can be a powerful tool to bring more opportunities to more cadets.

Formation used last summer to trial new instructional material and methods. They are using this summer to refine the material and methods. Some of our cadets and staff are participating in these trials. We look forward to a time of change for the better in the CCO.

As you can see there is a lot going on. It is important that cadets and parents/guardians ensure that they can access one of the current channels of communications to keep up to date as things develop. The two main communications channels I use are:

  1. The Squadron email broadcast system. I urge all cadets and parents/guardians to get on this system. If you are not already subscribed, you can do so by sending a request through the notification form here: http://585aircadets.org/absence-notification/
  2. The Squadron private Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/585aircadets you must answer the group questions to be accepted.

Most importantly though is that you all have a safe and happy summer. Please follow all Public Health Measures to protect yourself and those around you, but within those guidelines take whatever opportunities you can to relax and enjoy the summer.

Captain Richard Buckley CD, Commanding Officer